Rock the Vote

One of the greatest travesties in America to this day is voter apathy.

The United States is one of the greatest nations in history, and the longest standing democracy. We are giving such great freedoms and in return act like it’s no big deal. According to the U.S Census Bureau : Voting and Registration only 64% of registered Americans voted in 2012, the year of a presidential election. In 2010, a midterm congressional election year, only 58% of registered Americans showed up to vote.

Why do they give all this freedom if only half of the country is going to exercise it? When you vote, you vote for the leader of this country. You vote for the people who handle your taxes and regulate business. You vote for the people who have the power to change your everyday lives.

Reasons why you should vote from

  • If you don’t exercise the right to vote, you’ll be a hypocrite when you complain about politics
  • Whether you’re from the The Rent is too D@#^ High Party or the Tea Party you live in a country where every voice can be heard. Exercise your right.
  • Politicians decide our financial future – how much government support we’ll get for college tuition, how many jobs will be available, and who will pay more taxes.
  • Only 30% of voters will go to the polls today. If you go, that will make you cooler than 2/3 of the population.
  • When guys turn 18, they have to register for the draft. If you’re expected to defend your country, you should have a say about how it is run.
  • There are worse ways to spend 10 minutes

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 is election day for midterm elections! The one day every two years that you have the freedom to let the country hear what you want. I challenge you to take the time out of your day to vote for what you believe in because despite what other people say one vote can change the world.


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