Month: November 2014

The Worlds Greatest Rivalry: India and Pakistan

A Pakistani man wounded in a suicide bomb attack receives first aid at a hospital near Lahore on Sunday, November 2.  PHOTO CNN

A Pakistani man wounded in a suicide bomb attack receives first aid at a hospital near Lahore on Sunday, November 2.

This week on the India-Pakistan border a suicide bomber took the lives of 60 people and injured over 100. The Pakistan-based militant group named Jundallah took credit for the attack.

Since the birth of these two countries there has been a high level of tensions in the area. India was established as a secular, but mostly Hindu state, while Pakistan was established as an Islamic state. According to the Asia Society, the division of this country caused the biggest human migration in history with “about 17 million people fleeing their homes and journeying to either Pakistan or India.”

Throughout the years there have been numerous wars between India and Pakistan. All the wars come back to the same thing, a border dispute. Pakistan feels that the Indian region of Kashmiri is rightfully theirs because of the high Muslim population. They feel Kashmiri should have because part of Pakistan in 1947 when it because its own country. According to USA Today, “India does not want to give the region up in part because the loss of Kashmir might embolden other restive Indian regions and the nation’s 120 million Muslims to seek independence”.

Over the last few weeks relations between India and its historic rival Pakistan have greatly deteriorated. It started when India canceled a meeting between the countries’ Foreign Secretaries. Since then shots have been fired back and forth across the borders. Things really escalated on November 2nd when a suicide bomber attacked a parade on the Indian- Pakistan border. According to Global Voices, ” the blast did target Pakistanis supporting their country at the Wagah border, some believe that it also sent a message to India in regards to their border security: these militant groups have the ability to attack the country right at their doorstep”.

There is a lot of tension and conflict coming from this area in Asia and the Middle East. It seems like every time we turn on the news we hear about more and more terrorists attacks, and suicide bombings are becoming a more popular choice for terrorists. It feels like such a growing problem. The terrorism and fighting between India and Pakistan needs to be talked about and resolved. Too many people have fought and died since the beginning of this conflict in 1947.

If you want a different perspective on suicide bombing check out the movie Paradise Now. Lave me a comment!


Rock the Vote

One of the greatest travesties in America to this day is voter apathy.

The United States is one of the greatest nations in history, and the longest standing democracy. We are giving such great freedoms and in return act like it’s no big deal. According to the U.S Census Bureau : Voting and Registration only 64% of registered Americans voted in 2012, the year of a presidential election. In 2010, a midterm congressional election year, only 58% of registered Americans showed up to vote.

Why do they give all this freedom if only half of the country is going to exercise it? When you vote, you vote for the leader of this country. You vote for the people who handle your taxes and regulate business. You vote for the people who have the power to change your everyday lives.

Reasons why you should vote from

  • If you don’t exercise the right to vote, you’ll be a hypocrite when you complain about politics
  • Whether you’re from the The Rent is too D@#^ High Party or the Tea Party you live in a country where every voice can be heard. Exercise your right.
  • Politicians decide our financial future – how much government support we’ll get for college tuition, how many jobs will be available, and who will pay more taxes.
  • Only 30% of voters will go to the polls today. If you go, that will make you cooler than 2/3 of the population.
  • When guys turn 18, they have to register for the draft. If you’re expected to defend your country, you should have a say about how it is run.
  • There are worse ways to spend 10 minutes

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 is election day for midterm elections! The one day every two years that you have the freedom to let the country hear what you want. I challenge you to take the time out of your day to vote for what you believe in because despite what other people say one vote can change the world.