Scotland: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Over the past few months there has been talk of Scotland’s vote for independence. This past week the people of Scotland finally had their voices heard in their historic vote. Scotland chose to remain part of the United Kingdom in a close vote of 55% no and 45% yes with a record voter turnout of 84 percent. Now that the people have been heard what is next for Scotland and what have they given up?

Alex Salmond is the head of the SNP and the First Minister of Scotland. It has been the Scottish National Party that has been pushing for Scotland’s independence from the UK. In 2011 the Scottish National Party won the majority in the Scottish Parliament election, and Salmond was reelected as the First Minister. Salmond didn’t put forth the referendum bill for independence in his first term because he didn’t have enough votes, but the 2011 election result made the independence referendum a certainty.

There has been such a push for Scotland’s independence by the SNP because they feel unfairly represented by the conservative party in the UK’s Parliament. According to PBS only one of the 50 members of that Parliament representing Scotland belong to the Conservative party. The rest are from the Labour party, the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrat party. From an economic stand point, many people even outside the SNP believe that Scotland could be one of the wealthiest countries in the world because of the offshore oil resources.

The other side of the coin is the Better Together Campaign to promote political stability and the future of economic stability with Scotland. According to USA Today the pro-unity advocates said that being part of the United Kingdom gives Scotland a bigger say in world affairs through major alliances such as the European Union and NATO. They argued that Scotland isn’t guaranteed economic security, and they might lose use of their monetary system the pound.

Luckily, the Scottish people voted a “no” to independence, so the world won’t have to worry about the economic fate of Scotland. The world will look forward see Scotland receiving more political power out of this deal. The prime minister, David Cameron, promised Scotland the Devo Max package devolving further powers over tax, spending and welfare to the Scottish Parliament.

Let me know what you think. Did Scotland make the right choice? Leave a comment or question.


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