Update on ISIS

In the last week President Obama addressed the nation and gave a four-point updated plan on how the government is going to handle The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS). His plan in a nutshell is to:

  • Increase Airstrikes
  • Send troops and supplies to Iraq
  • Take proactive steps to prevent future attacks
  • Provide humanitarian aid to civilians

Obama has promised to take the airstrikes to the next level. Our military is now going to be striking ISIS with the intent of driving them back. He also said we will hunt terrorists wherever they go, mentioning Syria. Obama plans to send 475 more service members to Iraq, but not for a combative mission. He is sending troops to help the Kurdish and Iraqi forces by training them and providing technology. Obama put a significant emphasis on protecting the homeland and the American people, but how much are we really on the offensive? We have been executing airstrikes for some time now, and we already have service men and women on the ground in Iraq. If ISIS is as big of a threat as everyone has been saying, then why aren’t we hitting them with more aggression? We should be putting boots on the ground and going to them before they come to us. Since President Obama’s speech, ISIS has beheaded a third captive journalist, David Haines. ISIS has started threatening our allies. This situation has definitely turned into a kill or be killed scenario. They have already demonstrated how brutal and gruesome they can be from afar. I hope to see Obama nip this in the bud before it comes to our doorstep and we experience their brutality first-hand.


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